Get out your green shirts and your leprechaun garb because its time to get Irish! 

Rookies is not only celebrating St. Patrick's day with our annual party, but we are drinking to our 24th year of business! ​

​*Also, this year when you take photos and post things on social media, make sure that you use the HASHTAG* #RookiesTurns24 so we can put your photos up on the website and feature you on our Facebook page!

​Hope to party with you soon!

​*updated information to be added to the website on a later date, this is just a preview to get you all excited!*

​At the Rookies St. Patrick's Day party, there will be two live bands, fresh corned beef and cabbage and of course BEER! (You can bet its the green kind!)

​We will also be selling T-Shirts, Jell-O shots of many flavors and handing out gifts from our friends at Budweiser!

​So come on down! Bring the crew, or come alone and be that belligerent individual dancing with random people (trust us, we don't judge). Just be sure to let loose, and help us celebrate Rookies' 24th birthday!

Rookies Bar & Grill

Rookies Bar & Grill